love messages - i love you messages - messages love

love messages 1 :

words begin with:
numbers begin with:
music begins with:
but true love begins with:

love messages 2  :

I have 100 resons why I like u
10,000 reasons why I care 4 u
10 million reasons why I miss you
but I just have 1 thing 2 tellu:
I thank God 4 having u

love messages 3  :

sky without stars
like sleep without dream
like song with out music
like roses without smell
like face with out smile
like me without you

love message 4  :

tell the word 2 stop turning
tell the sky not 2 be so blue
tell the rain 2 stop falling down
but do not tell me 2 stop missing u!!!
love message 5 :
do not let your feelings like the ground every body walk on it
but let ur feelings like the sky every body hope 2 touch it!!!!
love messages 6 :
If ihad letters "hrt" i can add "ea" and get heart.If i add u then i would
"hurt" but i rather get hurt than have a heart with out u
love message 7 : sweetielast night i wanted to write you a letter, but all i could write was
"noh ss!w".
it didnt make a sence until i read it upside down

i love you messages 8 :
r: is for red.
Red:is for blood.
Blood:is for heart.
Heart:is for love.
Love:is for you.
You: is for me.
Me : is you.
((( I Love You)))
i love you message 9 :
you=my honey

love messages 10 :
look outside its so pleasant, sun is smiling with u trees r dancing 4 u , bireds
singing 4 u, bcoz last night i askede them all 2 wish u a good morning
that can straighten out a lot of things. i miss you


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