Short Love Poems

    Your love I bought, And nothing else I need to buy.You're always on my mind, Truly, you're one of a kind.My sweetheart you'll always be, Whether I live, or die.

                Your love conquered my mind.
                Your beauty drove me blind.I surrendered & obeyed, No longer asking for aid. Your look is sharp & keen, You deserve to be my Queen.

                The moon is green with envy, The sun turned into ice. The stars are shy of your cheeks, And jealous of your eyes.

                No.. You don't deserve a phone call,
                  Or an email,
                No.. You deserve the whole world,
                  Male & female.

                I'll never let you down, beware, Nor will I forget you, I swear! How could I forget your blonde hair? Or your dark eyes, or your motherly care. And I'll forever love you, is this fair?

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