16 SMS d'amour anglais 2016 Messages of love

Messages of love

You have bewitched me
As soon as you told me
My heart has turned upside
Your glance I liked
Your hands on me I loved
But what touched me most
This is your kisses passionnés3

message of love for her

She wanted to love
We like a kiss
16 messages of love for 2016Elle would have liked to tell her
But she expects to see coming
She would have liked to embellish
As the sun
She wanted to smile
But she is still suffering
She wanted to tell him everything
As tells a love story
She wanted to tell her everything
But she feels stuck
She wished he speaks of love
As we say hello
She wanted it embraces
But why, it is only a dream that passes

Message of love I need your hands

I need your hands
To have and feel your hugs
I need your golden lips
To receive your kisses
I need your sweetness
To warm my heart
I just need you
Because I love you, and I do not see myself without you

Message of love short 3

Yesterday I sent an angel to guard you, but he returned later to tell me the angels do not keep them, I embrace you strong

Message of love you and me

I like that you look at me
I love when you kiss me
I love to feel your hands on me
I like being in your arms
Make me dream
Make me dance
Make me hugs
Let me see your love
You taking me to the stars
You taking me to the canvas
You taking me to happiness
You taking me in your heart
And to me this is the story of one day
You and me, it's always the story
You and me is two radiant souls
You and me, it's for us a joyful life

6) I want to taste your lips more good cherries, as also so delicious sweet strawberries like grapes.

7) My destiny is to be with you to help you awaken to your days and nights, my life is in you wherever you go whatever you do, I'd still be there even if I do not physically Appear you are my man and I'm your wife.

8) I wanted to tell you that I love you still, my heart beats only for you and I want to spend my life at your side

9) is born to live, to live is to love, to love is to suffer, to suffer is to die, so why live? I have everything except you, so nothing for you are all

10) X years since I saw a true love story, the one I always dreamed, you bring me every day smile, happiness, tenderness.

11) I would like to be your tears, to be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips

12) I will pay you one million US $ in kisses, in dirhams it makes 10 million madly in love heartbeat, offering interested?

13) You know my doctor found my low blood sugar, then command me to dilute my drinks with your fingers. save me my love

14) You know, the thunder of your love in my heart reaches the force of a sudden point of a boxer win in that KO

15) You know darling, if each grain of sand was a love I would have the beaches to tell you how I love you !!

16) You open your heart to me and you give me confidence for each stage of my life. Rest my little angel long time and be the man of my life. 

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