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love messages - i love you messages - messages love

love messages 1 : words begin with: A B C numbers begin with: 1 2 3 music begins with: do re mi but true love begins with: U and Me!!!! ================
love messages 2  :
I have 100 resons why I like u 10,000 reasons why I care 4 u and 10 million reasons why I miss you but I just have 1 thing 2 tellu: I thank God 4 having u ================ love messages 3  :
sky without stars like sleep without dream like song with out music like roses without smell like face with out smile like me without you ================ love message 4  :
tell the word 2 stop turning tell the sky not 2 be so blue tell the rain 2 stop falling down but do not tell me 2 stop missing u!!! ================ love message 5 : do not let your feelings like the ground every body walk on it but let ur feelings like the sky every body hope 2 touch it!!!! ================ love messages 6 : If ihad letters "hrt" i can add "ea" and get heart.If i add u then i would "hurt" but i rather get hurt than have a heart with out u ===============…